Jakarta Urban Poor Program
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Science Day with ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia

On November 2014, YMMI and ExxonMobil volunteers share the happiness with students from SDN Tanjung Duren Utara 01 Pagi.  The program is Science Day that invited the students to playing while learning thru experiments.

The Adventures of Agen Penny 8th Year

On 2015, Citibanks Agen Penny will visit 110 schools in all around Jakarta for teaching the fifth and sixth grader students how to avoid consumptive living and encourage their saving habit through theatrical performance delivered by Teater Koma.  This year is 8th year implementation of the program, which start on January until March.
For more information, please go to Agen Penny website (www.agenpenny-id.com)

Capacity Bulding from Austraining Volunteer

Start on October 2014, Austraining sent a volunteer from Australia to give training for Yayasan Mitra Sehati (YMS), organization partner of YMMI in Bekasi.  As trainer, Mrs. Edmee Kenny given training thru capacity building program every twice a week.
YMS team are very grateful for Mrs’Edmee and Austraining help to their organization. Thru this training, the attempt to re-build their organization.

Piggy Bank Competition 3rd Year

Piggy Bank Competition is a program created by YMMI and CitiPeka to boost students’ saving habit and their creativity by making their own Piggy Bank.  2014 is the 3rd year implementation of the program, which start on September until November 2014.  We uploaded all of piggybank that created by students to Agen Penny website, and they can do their vote to select the favourite winners.
Please go to www.agenpenny-id.com for further information.